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iSPiRATA was created to be a lifestyle support for like-minded people who are interested in healing their lives through conscious, mindful living.


Reiki is a Japanese "hands-on" healing technique where practitioners use their room with an open mind - you will receive the necessary support energetically.

Healing hands to re-align your life-force energy - healing your body, mind and spirit naturally and energetically.

There are no contra-indications to Reiki.

It is all natural and all good. Your intention has a lot to do with your state of mind and body. If you walk into my Reiki room with an open mind, you will receive the necessary support energetically.



We are independent distributors for Annique rooibos products, as well as Neolife/GNLD non toxic, bio-degradable products - providing you with fantastic products for your home,skin, body, health and pets.


Women , men and teenage skin care, fragrances, baby care range, supplements and vitamins, shakes, sport supplements, detox products, body products, health products, as well as non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning products for your home.


If you are tired of starting something and never seeing it through, if you are tired of feeling unhappy about yourself or your body, if you are needing a new challenge in life , if you enjoy friends and support around you, then you need to contact us!

Live an Inspired Life

iSPiRATA - Health & Wellness to INSPIRE you.
Natural and healing products for the body
Natural cleaning Earth-friendly products for the home
Natural Healing Therapies for the body, mind & soul

iSPiRATA - Live an Inspired Life with Sandy Vicente - Reiki Healer & Master




Annique creates life changing opportunities and we are here to introduce you to the possibility of working your own hours, being your own boss, helping others and earning an income while having fun.

Contact us today to find out about these work-from-home business opportunities!

Live your DREAM! Live your LIFE!

Click here to find out more about Annique.


Whether you join us as a client or a colleague, our aim is to provide you with support on your journey to wellness and independence. 

We have regular contact with our clients and consultants to keep you inspired and motivated.

Whether you are on a slimming programme, a journey to become fit and healthy, a mission to make money and help others or simply in need of guidance in setting goals and living your best life, we will travel the road with you.

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