Depression?Lethargy?Moodiness? Could it be your thyroid ??

The Thyroid Gland - a powerful thing !

After many frustrating months trying to lose some extra kilos that have piled on quite relentlessly ; I finally consulted my very wise doctor !

"Why , oh why are the kilos piling up ?" I asked.

Quite a mystery when I have been eating healthy , cutting out refined carbs and excercising regularly.

Was I facing early menopause ?

Was I just going to turn into a middle aged , grumpy , frumpy , miserable person ?

Then the A-HA question !

"When last did you have your Thyroid checked"? "Ummmmmm, In 2011"!

The Thyroid gland - tiny and underestimated !

Mine is under-active ! So now what ?

Symptoms to look out for :

* Depression

* Dry skin

* Brittle hair and nails

* Lethargy

* Dizzy spells

* Unexplained tiredness

* Moodiness

* Unexplained weight gain

If you suspect you could have an under-active Thyroid , contact your doctor for blood tests.

Make sure that you are tested for TH , T3 and T4. Using an integrated medical practitioner is a great way to go as they treat you holistically.

You will more than likely be put onto meds like Eltroxin , however supplementation and diet , as well as regular exercise is very important.

Ask your doctor to also test for Vitamin D deficiency as this is very common with an under-active Thyroid.

Supplements that can help : (consult your doctor)

Vit A , E , C , Iodine , Selenium , Zinc , Iron , Copper , B Vitamins and Anti-oxidants

Foods that can help :

Kelp , seaweeds , sea salt / himalayan salt , bone broths , dark green veggies , butter and dairy (raw , grass fed) , eggs , Kefir (fermented milk) , yoghurt , oregano , sage , stawberries , cranberries , artichokes , asparagus.

Avoid :

Gluten , soy , brussel sprouts , broccoli , cauliflower , cabbage.

Be cautious with fish due to mercury.

Also avoid :

Aluminium , mercury , flouride.

My fight with my thyroid continues ! This is a battle I will win - now that I know what I am dealing with.

Don't be scared to get checked out.

A large percentage of people are walking around on anti-depressants without knowing that their thyroid is actually the problem.

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