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How often do you listen to your body ? I just realised that most of us ignore the signals our bodies send us.

I recently posted on my underactive thyroid and this got me thinking about diet and lifestyle. As I follow a reasonably healthy lifestyle (with a few little cheats in between) , I thought about what I have been doing differently over the past year to have warranted any weight gain (besides the ageing process).

It suddenly dawned on me that I have been drinking a health shake every morning in the last year. That is the only thing that I have been doing differently. With that shake , I drink full cream milk.

I had my "A-HA moment" when I realised that ever since I was a little girl , I have never liked milk.

The only milk consumption I have had is a small little bit in my morning coffee.

Fast forward to two weeks later : After having cut out full cream milk from my lifestyle (now have my shake powder in plain yoghurt or water), I am down 2 kgs. SERIOUSLY ! Could this be the big mystery ?

I have not changed anything else , but continue to follow a healthy lifestyle with a few treats in between and regular exercise.

I do not know yet if I have hit the nail on the head , however I am very intrigued.

My youngest son used to spit out sweet potato from when he was a little baby. I thought he was being fussy. I got "clever" one day and made a sweet potato cake so that he would not know what was in there. Result : He broke out in hives ! Major allergic reaction.

So are we just being fussy when we are little , or does our body know better than us ? We just fail to listen.

So what is your body telling you ?

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